〈 The Angelic Prelude  〉

7 Dec 2016

Angels are watching
and their wings wrapping around us gently, 
quietly singing we are loved, 
and blessed.


〈 The Perfect Day 〉

5 Nov 2016

Perfect ! 係 因 為 有 你 "陪" 我 做 家 務 ;

Perfect ! 係 因 為 有 你 地 呢 班 好 兄 弟 好 姊 妹 ;

Perfect ! 係 因 為 "珊" 盟 海 誓 不 分 離


一 個 Perfect Day 就 係 咁 簡 單,咁 你 呢 ?

〈 細.節 〉

30 Oct 2016

 每一句的話語,每一種情感,都是不可缺少的細節。  這就是他們的婚禮


這就是他們的婚禮 。

< The Moment >

12 Sep 2016




"We don't remember the day, we remember the moments"

Weddings are for celebrating the lifelong happiness of our loved ones, moments that would always keep it close to our hearts. This portrays a story not only about love, but of a playful and fun loving couple. They were made for each other, they shared this way of nonverbal communication between them that gave my heart a warm fuzzy feeling.

Over a gorgeous wedding in Phuket, with the warmth and genuine energy of this beautiful couple. The whole atmosphere overflowed with joy and love. Sometimes the fondest moments are those that cannot be described by words, they have to be felt by the heart.

< Hug >

1 June 2016

A hug doesn't haven't to be an action, it can be shared through emotion. We hug because we are joyful, because we are ecstatic, because we empathise with other's feelings. Witnessing Allen and TaTa's happiness for one another along with the comforting sight of their families' smiles of delight, it is like receiving the most fulfilling and heart warming of hugs. I give to you Allen and TaTa's day. Hugs for everyone!

< The Distance of Love >

5 May 2016

CV-Elly & Calvin.00_07_42_09.Still004.jpg

Distance, is it a length of time? Is it a measure of the miles apart? Both. But it is definitely not an obstacle for love. Love brings hearts closer to each together, love cements relationships over far distances yet love can even break us apart. Don't let distance determine your future, follow your heart and you will conquer any distance to be with the one you love.