I'm searching a pearl,
It was once laid on a mother's arm
It was everywhere in the palace.
Behind the door;
At the end of the aisle;
It's you.
I’m looking forward to have and to hold
from this day forward,
until death do us part. 
Congratulation to Fiona👠 & Ben 🎩
Wedding Planning : The Wedding Company Hong Kong
Venue : Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong聖約翰座堂 St John's Cathedral


遇 上 了 太 感 恩 不 遲 亦 不 早 Kean  â¤ï¸ Gary 

“Take a leap of faith when hesitate;
Leave everything behind when decided;

With the right person at the right time.”

Venue: The Aberdeen Marina Club 深灣遊艇會



Some people take life time to find the one. For us, it just happened effortlessly.

Ceremony Venue: Harbour Plaza Metropolis 都會海逸酒店
Banquet Venue: Cordis, Hong Kong 香港康得思酒店

The best things in life are unexpected, just like having a typhoon on your wedding day...but when you have found the best person to count on, the best shoulder to cry on... there's nothing in life you should be upset or worry about anymore.

It's so amazing when someone comes to your life and you expect nothing out of it but suddenly, there, right in front of you is EVERYTHING you've ever needed.

P.S. I love the groom saying "adventure" in the vow.

You always bring out the best in me. From this day on, together we learn to be a better us, a loving family.

It’s easy to think that some stories have ended, and that some stories will never be reopened and that some stories have expired but this one with you is fate brought us back cause our story is not over yet.

婚禮的確是人生的一個重的大日子,但對比起往後同另一半既生活路上。這一日 ,微不足道。

賦予這個日子的意義,並不只是眼見的表面,而是有每一個在場的你 ,一齊見證一齊變老。

與 "你" 一起 是 幸 福 ,老 是 一 起 好。

"There is no place I'd rather be without you. Wherever we may go, I will always know where the heart is. Let's take flight on our new adventure!"

You are my sun that I touch and hug.
Kiss, without being burnt.


Angels are watching
and their wings wrapping around us gently, 
quietly singing we are loved, 
and blessed.



Perfect ! 係 因 為 有 ä½  "陪" 我 做 家 務 ðŸ˜’
Perfect ! 係 因 為 有 ä½  地 呢 班 好 兄 弟 好 姊 妹 ðŸ˜˜
Perfect ! 係 因 為 "珊" 盟 æµ· 誓 不 分 離 ðŸ˜†

一 個 Perfect Day 就 係 咁 簡 單,咁 你 呢 ?


Patience and sacrifice, is what they had to endure many times but time has just made their feelings for each other stronger. For six years, Cherri and Craig have looked upon the same ocean eagerly anticipating their next meeting yet dreading the moment they have to part again. But they managed to conquer these dark stormy seas and settled at a destination where they can be with each other lovingly and forever.